Ballot Measures and Propositions

When implemented effectively and with the public interest in mind, the ballot measure can go a long way towards improving the quality of life for a local community, expanding or protecting our rights, preserving our environment and more.

TNG has a solid history of passing progressive ballot measures at the local, regional and state level.

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Candidate Campaigns

TNG has worked to elect progressive, environmentalist candidates to local water and utility boards, city councils, countywide offices and the California State Assembly.

We take pride in working with progressive leaders, to improve communities at all levels of government.

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Issue Advocacy

From transportation, to global warming, forestry, energy and land use, TNG has steadily built a reputation as one of the region’s most effective advocates for the issues that matter to the people of the Bay Area and California.

We will develop, manage, organize and implement a political and communications strategy to effectively advance your issue.

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